The Sixties

The Early Years

  • Meetings are held every Tuesday at noon at the Villa Capri (current location of the Frank Denius Fields at The University of Texas at Austin)
  • 1963 – Ki-Anns (Auxiliary Kiwanis Club for wives of members) was begun and Billie Joe Hornsby served as its first President.
  • August, 1963 – Four club members serve as chaperones to 20 children for Kiwanis Children’s Camp near Mason, Texas 
  • September, 1963 – our club initiated sponsorship of a Key Club at Lanier High School 
  • 1963 – The club places third in Texas-Oklahoma District Achievement 
  • July 1964 – weekly luncheons move to Wyatt’s Cafeteria in Hancock Shopping Center and in September change to Thursdays
  • August, 1964 – Kiwanis Texas-Oklahoma District Convention held in Austin. Members of the Club worked many hours helping with the Convention. Members served as chairmen for Transportation, Housing, Printing and Decorations, Greeting and Tickets. To this day, the ’64 Convention is still remembered as one of the best. 
    • During the ’64 Convention, management and operation of the the Kiwanis District Foundation and the Children’s Camp were officially approved to be part of the District operation. Our club provided the leadership for this and charter member Hugh Hornsby was elected first President of the Foundation. 
  • 1966 – Charter member Hugh Hornsby elected Division Lt. Governor 
    • Pancake Dinners: Held at Brentwood Elementary School, Montgomery Ward in Capital Plaza, Hancock Shopping Center, and Harris Elementary School (several times)
  • August 1968 – weekly luncheons move to Thursdays at El Chico Restaurant in Hancock Shopping Center