About Division 24 (Greater Austin)

Division 24 of the Texas-Oklahoma District of Kiwanis International consists of 5 clubs, each led by their own board of directors. Clubs organize their own service projects and fundraisers, and support their own sponsored programs.

Our Clubs

The division is led by a Lieutenant Governor elected from one of the clubs annually. The 2020-21 Lt. Governor is John Cano from our very own Kiwanis Club of Silicon Hills.

Our division is one of three in Region 10, the Hill Country Region, of the Texas-Oklahoma District. The region is represented by an elected trustee who serves a 3-year term on the District Board of Trustees. The 2019-22 Trustee is Frederick Case of the Kiwanis Club of San Marcos.

Silicon Hills
ID: K05415
Chartered: 5/16/1961

Northwest Austin
ID: K06622
Chartered: 4/13/1970

Round Rock
ID: K03895
Chartered: 10/16/1952

Sun City Georgetown
ID: K15211
Chartered: 6/24/1997

ID: K01063
Chartered: 6/29/2023

Inactive Clubs

ID: K00008
Chartered: 5/5/1919
Inactive: 2016

Austin, Balcones
ID: K08517
Chartered: 9/29/1976
Inactive: 2/9/1993

Austin-Greater East
ID: K14354 / K09671
Chartered: 9/6/1979
Inactive: 11/15/1986

Chartered: 2016
Inactive: 2016

Austin-North Central
ID:  K09343
Chartered: 9/30/1978
Inactive: 10/4/1982

Austin, Shady Hollow
ID: K13191
Chartered: 8/29/1990
Inactive: 6/26/2013

Austin South Central
ID: K10811
Chartered: 10/1/1982
Inactive: 5/15/1990

Austin Southwest
ID:  K08792
Chartered: 6/30/1977
Inactive: 1/29/1979

Austin Spicewood Springs
ID: K13167
Chartered: 11/9/1990
Inactive: 11/9/1991

Austin-Town Lake
ID: K06943
Chartered: 3/22/1972
Inactive: 5/30/1977

ID: K10109
Chartered: 9/29/1980
Inactive: 4/24/1984

Austin-Young Professionals
ID: K18038
Chartered: 9/30/2010
Inactive: 7/16/2014

Capital City, Austin
ID: K02991
Chartered: 6/25/1947
Inactive: 9/30/1976

Cedar Park
ID: K08565
Chartered: 11/16/1976
Inactive: 2020

ID: K06828
Chartered: 3/31/1927
Inactive: 10/31/1934
Rechartered: 10/15/1951
Inactive: 9/30/1969
Rechartered: 8/5/1971
Inactive: 2020

ID: K06601
Chartered: 2/10/1970
Inactive: 2016 

Golden K-Austin
ID: K11845
Chartered: 9/26/1986
Inactive: 12/31/2019 

Greater South Austin
ID: K07566
Chartered: 8/29/1974
Inactive: 09/30/2020 

Oak Hills-Southwest Austin
ID: K10516
Chartered: 10/1/1981
Inactive: 5/12/1987 

ID: K14354
Chartered: 10/4/1993

Round Rock-Sundowners
ID: K10602
Chartered: 1/25/1982
Inactive: 1996

Round Rock Sunrisers
ID: K09783
Chartered: 11/26/1979
Inactive: 7/20/2007

San Gabriel Breakfast, Georgetown
ID: K11572
Chartered: 10/01/1985
Inactive: 2017

University Area, Austin
ID: K03471
Chartered: 3/29/1950
Inactive: 4/20/2013

Wells Branch, Austin
Chartered: 1996

West Bank, Austin
ID: K10347
Chartered: 8/27/1981
Inactive: 1/22/1987