Apple Fundraisers

For from the mid-1970s to the early 2000s, the club was known well around town for its annual apple sale in the fall. Profits from the fundraiser were donated to numerous organizations and supported the projects of the club.

Photo: November, 1967 – Left to right: President-Elect John Youngblood, Austin Mayor Harry Akin, President Paul Stewart

Sweetheart Banquets

For years, the club has organized an annual Sweetheart Banquet around Valentines Day. Originally, it was meant as one of the events where spouses and dates could join the members of the club for fun and fellowship. Many of these women were in the club’s women’s auxiliary club, Ki-Anns, until women were officially inducted into Kiwanis in 1987.

Photo: February, 1972 – Clarence Cossey, Ilene Cossey, Maxine Kirby, Richard Miner at the annual Sweetheart Banquet

Club Gavel

Historic Club Gavel – Plaque Inscription: “In 1965, ANE Kiwanian Fred Kaderli picked up branches from Austin’s historic Treaty Oak Tree and made this gavel. It served as our club’s official gavel from then until 2004.” The gavel can now be found at the entrance of Tres Amigos, where our club has met since 1999.

Club Meetings

Our weekly meetings keep members engaged and up-to-date on our club activities. They’re also an opportunity to meet with members of our sponsored service leadership programs.

Photo: Members from the Key Club of Manor New Tech high School Key Club visit in 2016.

Other Highlights

  • Every summer, family and friends were invited to Annual Picnic where they enjoyed food, games, and fun!
  • 1963 – Charter of Lanier High School Key Club (currently inactive)
  • 1963 – Partnered in creation of Ki-Anns, the Kiwanis women’s auxiliary in use in various districts, with Billie Joe Hornsby as the first president 
  • 2002 – Charter of NYOS Charter School Key Club (currently inactive)
  • 2003 – Charter of Brentwood Christian School Key Club (currently inactive), Charter of Manor New Tech High School (active)
  • 2012 – Sponsorship of Austin Community College Circle K International (CKI) (currently active)
  • 2015 – Charter of Austin Achieve Public School Builders Club (currently inactive)
  • 2017 – Launch of the Club Satellite membership option
  • 2018 – Assumed sponsorship of McCallum High School Key Club; created the club’s first annual Kiwanis Butterfly Festival
  • 2019 – Assumed operation of two new fundraisers – the hot dog stand at the annual VW Harvest and the Fly the U. S. Flag program in Cedar Park
  • 2020 – Assumed sponsorship of Key Clubs at Vandegrift, Rouse, and Glenn High Schools
  • 2020 – Adopted a new doing-business-as name, Kiwanis Club of Silicon Hills, to reflect the club’s expanded service area
  • 2020 – Attained “Model Club” status for fulfilling the club pledge for The Eliminate Project

District and Division Leaders from Our Club


Lt. Governor
Hugh Hornsby


District Governor
Hugh Hornsby


Lt. Governor
Gene Kunkle


Lt. Governor
Ron Kingsbury


Lt. Governor
Bill Gordon


Lt. Governor
Ed Komandosky


Lt. Governor
G. Stahl


Lt. Governor
Neil Hopkins


Texas-Oklahoma Kiwanis Foundation President
Neil Hopkins


Lt. Governor
Lt. Governor
Clarence Cossey


Lt. Governor
Ross Davis


Lt. Governor
Noel Roebuck


Lt. Governor
Bill Gordon


Lt. Governor
Raymond Miller


Lt. Governor
John Cano