Service Leadership Programs Committee

Member NameTerm Expiration
Barnette, Alan9/30/2022
Cano, John9/30/2022
Gordon, William9/30/2022
Martinez, Jesus9/30/2022
Thompson, Adrian9/30/2022
This committee oversees training, advising, and support to our sponsored service leadership programs. Programs include Builders Club, Key Club, and Circle K (CKI).

The primary educational objective of Kiwanis Service Leadership Programs is to prepare students to be the most engaged members of their current and future communities. We do this by giving youth and young adults the experience of service leadership. Service leadership is the powerful force that occurs once people discover their heart to serve, answer their call to lead, and exercise the courage to engage. We believe it’s the premier level of social contribution.

Key Club

High school/secondary school students, ages 15-18

Manor New Tech High School

McCallum High School

Cedars International Next Generation High School

Glenn High School

Rouse High School

Vandegrift High School

NYOS Charter School (inactive)


College/university students

Austin Community College (inactive)

Builders Club

Middle school and junior high students, ages 12-14

Austin Achieve Public Schools (inactive)

Their Service

Our sponsored groups independently initiate service projects and community service activities throughout the school year. Our club works through an advisor in each organization to coordinate our participation with their activities or to have them work with us on major service programs and fundraisers. We are so proud of our sponsored groups and their accomplishments which make our community a much better place to live. 

ACC CKI Awards from Office of Student Life

  • 2013 Advisor of the Year – Angela Robertson
  • 2013 Program of the Year – The Hunger Banquet
  • 2013 Organization of the Year

ACC CKI Awards from the Texas-Oklahoma District of CKI

  • 2013 Outstanding Advisor – Angela Robertson
  • 2013 Outstanding Preferred Charity – The Hunger Banquet
  • 2013 Outstanding New Member – Lisa Pham
  • 2013 Outstanding Video – “Shaking Up Service”
  • 2013 Outstanding Non-Traditional Scrapbook
  • 2013 Outstanding Traditional Scrapbook
  • 2013 Howard H. Hendrick Leadership Award (Outstanding President) – Marcelo Urieta
  • 2013 Distinguished Chapter Vice-President – Lina Ungar
  • 2013 Outstanding Chapter Committee Chair -Ilaria Di Leo
  • 2013 Distinguished T-Shirt
  • 2014 Outstanding Vice-President-Ilaria Di Leo
  • 2014 Outstanding Preferred Charity – The Hunger Banquet
  • Outstanding Non-Traditional Scrapbook